Essentials: “Heal You” – oshi

The first oshi track I ever heard was a year ago, titled “Oceans,” and I absolutely loved it—the chill, relaxed vibe of this instrumental track made it one of my go-to songs. And now, oshi has done it again with a more upbeat tempo and an opening baseline similar to that in Frank Ocean’s “Novacane.”

In oshi’s music video for his single “Heal You,” the LA-based producer channels Marty McFly and travels in time to a neon-lit LA city scene. The visuals provide a juxtaposition of old school and futuristic themes, including a Back to Future-esque car and an ultraviolet lit close up of UK-based singer and rapper Courtney Bennett, who is featured on the track. Bennett’s smooth vocals paired with oshi’s sporadic yet perfectly timed drums creates a melody that you want to leave on repeat for the night.

Check out more tracks on oshi’s SoundCloud.

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