Essentials: “tattoo” – oshi

It’s only been a year since Oshi truly surfaced, but he’s amassed a reputation and popularity at an impressive pace. The fact that his remixes and original tracks are not only prolific, but also unique and consistently on-point certainly help, already reworking the likes of Justin Bieber, Snap, Fetty Wap, Towkio and Gallant. On top of his own music, he’s co-founded the label Noir Sound with Krs and BNJMN, all while dropping hints about his first official album on twitter.

He’s now tried his and at Miguel’s “Girl With the Tattoo Enter.Lewd”, similar to PARTYNEXTDOOR’s “Break From Toronto”. While PARTYNEXTDOOR adds a captivating bass line, 808s and rap on top of Miguel’s vocals, Oshi takes the production even further. He manages to more than double its length, without letting it run stale. As a foundation he melds luscious synths with a version of Miguel’s vocals even deeper and slower than PARTYNEXTDOOR’s; penetrating bass, striking claps, and sprightly piano keys all dance on top of it. He translates the chill vibes of the original into his own high-energy, youthful style.



Since they’re all great, here’s PARTYNEXTDOOR’s “Break From Toronto”:


And finally, Miguel’s original for some quality R&B and gorgeous falsetto:


Check out Oshi’s and Noir Sound’s Soundclouds for other amazing tracks.

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