Essentials: Club Medicine – WERK

The doctor is in, and he’s prescribed a dose of Club Medicine, the latest EP from up-and-coming experimental dance producer WERK. A cocktail of genres influence the project, which came together over the course of the last year. Acid, house, techno, and more are all part of WERK’s genre-fluid treatment plan. “The concept behind the project is to spread positive language in the nightlife realm,” WERK explains. The Canadian producer shares that “Club Medicine started as a fun project I had no intent on releasing beyond a remix I put on SoundCloud.” However, he found the songs resonated with people and considered a new life for the project. “I sent the record around to some friends and Lunice started playing it out at festivals and in mixes. He sent me a video of people raging to the track on a yacht and it opened my eyes to the notion that I should be releasing it officially.

Listen to Club Medicine below, and follow WERK on Spotify.

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