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Saint Audio Mixes #037: WERK

WERK’s transgressive approach to creating electronic music is explored in his guest mix for Saint Audio. I spoke to the producer about his process and the inspiration behind the mix. Read on to learn more about this noteworthy beatmaker.

Tell our readers a little bit about yourself.

My name is Devin Blasutig, [and my pronouns are] he/him. I grew up in a small town a few hours from Vancouver, Canada called Powell River. I got into DJing when I was around 18 and started making music with Ableton so I could play originals in my sets.  My style of music is heavily influenced by the things I grew up on, like skateboarding and movies, as well as recent interests like clothes and running. A lot of the artists that influence my music will be included in this mix. 

What are you trying to showcase in this mix?

I didn’t have a set direction but wanted a fresh slate and decided to turn the focus towards attention to detail. Rather than busying things up, I want to strip them back and reveal each part. I’ll be presenting how [my] tracks can translate and paint a story amongst their peers as well as playing some unreleased goods. 

How do you approach the creative process?

Typically I don’t do any one thing the same, it varies. Some things that are habitual for me [are] smoking good weed and staying hydrated. A studio space that’s ready to be worked in and smells nice is also key. As for how I approach “staying” creative, that involves doing so many other things like running and baking. Lunice gave me some powerful advice about how the equal time you spend doing things you love and living life are so important to our creative process. I value that so much, because three or four years ago I was [always producing], but it’s like you can’t force yourself to make something so much that you end up being unproductive anyways. That’s just backwards. So my approach to the process is “let it happen and just be comfortable,” whatever those things are for you whether it’s a candle, coffee or a spliff, have it nearby for your sessions and make sure to equally indulge in life. 

What should we expect from you this year?

This year’s been amazing already, I’m looking forward to what’s coming up. I dropped my EP Secondwind in February. I recently performed a live set/skit at Greenlite Virtual festival hosted by Soul Food Collective as well as a set at 0UTSKRRTS Online Rave hosted by Yung Skrrt. Currently I’m working on lots of new solo stuff: an EP for this dope label out of Tokyo called KERV Records, as well as an official remix for this crazy artist out of LA, RamonPang. Beyond that I have several collaborations in the works with some sick producers and rappers but those are more hush for now and don’t have set plans on release. 

Keep in touch with WERK on Twitter and Instagram. You can stream his EP Secondwind on Bandcamp, SoundCloud, and Spotify.

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