Essentials: Secondwind – Werk

Secondwind, the latest EP from Vancouver producer and DJ Werk, is a stylish and forward thinking body of electronic music.

The EP, his first in five years, brings a blend of new era and classic dance and electronic styles to the table. “This project was about me learning how to dissect my tracks, strip away any filler and realize my full ideas.” he said of it.

The opener, “Coldroom” is an instant pulse-raiser. Complete with rumbling bass and and high pitched, almost glitchy, synths, it is reminiscent of some of the more dance oriented works to come out of the PC Music label recently.

“Prevoking Thought” goes even further in this noisier, more industrial direction. As with the opener, his synth tones never stay the same, ensuring each track on the EP is in what feels like a constant state of metamorphosis. This theme is continued on the EP’s final two songs, which bring the project’s industrial electronic sound to the fore again.

As the name suggests, the EP was inspired by the idea of getting a ‘second wind’ after surpassing your limits. “I became obsessed with long distance running and simultaneously was in the process of writing these tracks, I wanted to express the same feeling of overcoming a point where you want to stop… but don’t and instead gain new found energy.” Werk said of the EP, and it shows as Secondwind is a perfect exercise companion and a definite essential.

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