morimori Details “The Return,” His Most Ambitious Single Yet

After debuting on an Alter/Ego track with bass producer Hex Cougar, LA-based musician morimori has dropped several atmospheric multi-genre tunes this year.

Now, following a brief hiatus from music, the newly-graduated motion designer is lunging back into music with his most ambitious track yet, “The Return.”

The heady, ambient liquid D&B tune is morimori’s first foray into the realm of drum and bass.

“The Return” features plenty of rhythmic breaks, scattered drum patterns, and delicate oscillating synths that evoke a gentle warmth and optimism.

The tune showcases his unique production style, which slightly veers into the abstract and largely relies on its atmosphere to evoke emotion.

The producer-songwriter began the morimori project in 2018, after a stint in indie-pop band Bird & Thorn, whose music was an amalgamation of music plucked from genres like folk, rock, jazz, and pop-punk, and as the other half of future bass-trap duo tama uxci.

Elements of the varied musical influences he embraced during his time in the eclectic music groups has carried over into the morimori project—which often shines through in his production, and a short but ever-growing discography.

morimori’s modus operandi approach to production is minimalist, thoughtful and often experimental. The producer often begins a song by playing around with piano chords or a melody and then composed based on a specific mood.

They usually start out quite melancholic, very soft and tender, and then I add elements to pick it back up, to make the song a bit more exciting,” he said.

The hesitation I had, feeling like I’d never be able to write again, was so present as I started writing the first few chords of ‘The Return.’ But as I kept building, it turned into this drum and bass song which makes sense since D&B is all I’m listening to right now.”

Inspired by artists like Imanu and salute, and their work within the D&B and UK garage space, the artist says he felt inspired to take his music in a similar direction—his latest release certainly marks a new shift in his sound.

I go through phases where I get into a good rhythm of [producing] a certain type of sound and then a transitionary period and then another niche sound develops. Right now, I feel like I’m in another transitional period,” said morimori.

Behind the scenes, the producer and a team of creatives have been busy translating morimori’s upcoming singles into beautifully abstract visuals, one of which will be released in February next year. This upcoming single is part of a trilogy of “abstract but easily interpreted” music videos.

We sought out to create these with a specific script and treatment, and we can’t wait to see what people make of it,” said the composer.

The song was created prior to the production of “The Return” and similarly to “The Return,” contains elements of the sound system music he’s been listening to in recent months. The three music videos will be released separately as a thematic trilogy with no single storyline, early next year.

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