Essentials: “Piece of Me (salute remix)” – April

After sharing a few GarageBand tracks on her Soundcloud in 2019, Irish alt-pop songwriter April Lawlor was quickly scouted and signed to Atlantic UK Records. Her latest indie-pop single “Piece of Me,” released in September, was widely well-received. In a note to CLASH, the rising pop artist said the overall narrative of the single is centered on the feeling of loving someone. “‘Piece Of Me’ is about that feeling when someone else is a part of you—that no matter what, they will always be like a time capsule of a different time when you were a different person,” she wrote.

Vienna-born dance music producer Felix Nyajo, better known by his artist name salute, released an official remix of the track last month. salute’s compelling production combined with April’s bright vocals and sentimental lyrics altogether create an irresistible UK garage club-ready tune. Despite the song’s lyrics focusing on themes of unrequited love, regret, and heartbreak, the remix feels hopeful and evokes a feeling of nostalgia. The deep flowing basslines, rousing breaks, and gorgeous fills cut by the Irish songwriter’s stirring vocals in the tune combine seamlessly to form a song that’s remarkably moving and surpasses the original not only in tempo but in brilliance as well.

The Manchester-based DJ is one of the most sought-after artists in the UK dance music scene at the moment due to an innovative production style that is cathartic, perceptive, and uniquely his own. He’s released official remixes for tracks by big-hitters Aluna and SG Lewis, Kehlani, and Joji all within the last few years and his latest Boiler Room UK Garage set, filmed live in his hometown of Vienna in August, has already garnered thousands of views.

salute is quickly on his way to becoming a mainstage must-see, and there’s no sign of him slowing down. His latest release is a euphoric, club-ready edit of Pink Pantheress’ “Just for Me,” available on Bandcamp and Soundcloud.

salute is currently touring all across the EU—follow him on Instagram or Twitter to stay up to date with new releases and event announcements.

April’s new single Someone That I Made is out now—follow her on Instagram to keep up with the vocalist’s latest releases and collaborations.

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