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Blastazoid Presents: NEVER GET OUT…

Halloween is nearly here—soundtrack the last week of spooky season with dark selections from New York-based DJ and curator Blastazoid.

Tell our readers a little bit about yourself.

Hey, I’m Jesse aka Blastazoid. I’m from a small town in upstate NY. I spend most of my free time rewatching old episodes of Jersey Shore and bothering DJs for their track IDs. I honestly don’t really have too much talent when it comes to music production, but I love DJing because I get to flex a bunch of the different music I’ve collected over the years. 

What are you trying to showcase in this mix?

So originally I had a couple different rough kinda “concepts” for what I wanted to do with this mix, but then it slowly evolved into a Halloween thing because the timing made sense. The mix I ended up with is basically just a chunk of some of the more dark & ominous tunes I’ve been listening to lately plus a few other songs / edits from the homies and other artists I admire.

How do you approach the creative process?

I normally start work on any of my DJ mixes by just making a playlist with tons of different songs I like and then running through in Traktor and seeing what I can come up with. This one was basically the same deal but obviously was trying to select tunes that I thought would fit with the theme. I realize this is probably the same process as 99% of other DJs that put mixes out online but I’m not producing my own music so I don’t have one of those “I draw my influences from the wonders of nature and obscure 1920’s jazz records” type answers.

What should we expect from you this year?

Uhhhh, not much haha. I don’t really promote myself effectively enough to have any kind of solid plans or bookings for the rest of the year. Maybe some more stuff on SoundCloud?? idk exactly. I guess I can say I’m working on putting together the next BOOST Tape with the rest of the team, but that’s all kinda [hush-hush] for now.

Where can we hear from you?

I use the same account name for pretty much everything. Find me on SoundCloud, Audius, Instagram, and Twitter.

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