Essentials: “ApexClub” – Gaszia

2021 has been a bit of a breakout year for Aaron Spasiano, better known as Gaszia. He has always been well-respected and acclaimed as one-half of X&G, but this year he’s been creating and releasing more material on his own – this includes “Machina” from the Boost Tape 02 compilation, an EP entitled Fired Up, and a few yet-to-be-released edits of tracks such as “Suzuki” by Ivy Lab.

Prior to joining X&G, Gaszia released a single with the acclaimed underground label Nervous Horizon in its early days, and his newest single, “ApexClub,” recalls the percussive-driven club music that it’s become known for over the years. Released on rising Italy-based label KUMO Collective, “ApexClub” began as an entry for a beat battle hosted on Baauer’s Twitch channel where it was picked as the second-best song by guest judge Boys Noize, and that sort of co-sign is certainly a boost of confidence that it would work as a full-fledged song.

The beginning of “ApexClub” might trick you in thinking that it’s a wave song at first, but its first drop of unique guitar-driven club music quickly shifts this into a banger. However, that doesn’t stop Gaszia from packing as many elements and layers as it can into a 4-minute stomper—he manages to incorporate harps, flutes, breaks, and percussion all wrapped into one hell of a song that can guarantee to set the club on fire.

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