Essentials: “Lonely Light/Ping” – Lamorn

Lonely Light is a pair of vibrant, catchy, club ready anthems that showcase Lamorn’s bright talents. With his second release3 on the Mau5trap label, the 18 year old starlet again proves why he has been hailed as the future of the electronic genre. The double release opens with “Lonely Light” (feat. Molly Otto). It’s a track that showcases Lamorn’s range as a producer,  straying from the more funk inspired sounds of previous single “Physical Layer”, to a more anthemic, stadium ready sound. Featuring vocals from his long-time girlfriend Molly Otto, the track is an immediate earworm of a track with an instantly danceable sound carried by a driving bass and hypnotic melody.

“Ping” further shows his musical flexibility. Pivoting back to the funk sound, the track is as smooth as butter, replete with wavy synths washing over you and clean, silky guitar passages, it’s a virtuosic exercise in how to do dance-funk correctly.  When the guitar and the whirring synth intertwine for a solo in the middle section of the song, it’s hard not to fall in love with “Ping”. Across the two-tracks of Lonely Light, Deadmau5 protégé Lamorn makes a statement of intent. It’s more proof that Deadmau5 making Lamorn the first artist he ever personally signed for Mau5trap was the right call, and it’s a project that is essential listening for anyone this year if you want to be clued in to the big things to come.

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