Essentials: “Searching for the End” – brothel X AFTERMYFALL

On “Searching for the End”, brothel combines with one of post-hardcore’s rising stars AFTERMYFALL for a track that is as atmospheric as it is absolutely anthemic.

“Searching for the End” opens with the kind of moody instrumental that brothel has become known for. Woozy keys and murky percussion open the track, detailing the feelings of the vocalist as well as any lyrics could. As the track shifts up a gear, as do AFTERMYFALL’s always impassioned vocals, it paints a vivid picture for the listener of someone who is unable to escape the mistakes that plagued their past. The track, which blends AMF’s usual brand of electronic hardcore with anthemic, shoegaze-y passages, goes between loud and soft dynamics in a way that keeps the listener engaged. The final passage especially is goose bump inducing with massive, concert-ready vocals and guitars. It showcases the best of both artists with AMF’s heartfelt singing and brothel’s knack for matching the emotional weight of a song with its sonics.

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