Essentials: The Sound of Static – AFTERMYFALL

Metalcore artist AFTERMYFALL reveals his personal story living with anxiety and depression in his double-sided single, The Sound of Static. The dual-singles consist of two very different metal-influenced tracks, “Run For The Exit” and “Ten of Swords,” both of which explore the producer, songwriter, and singer’s experience with his mental health.

In “Run For The Exit,” AFTERMYFALL uses ambient influences to create an atmosphere that best captures the way his agoraphobia makes him feel. His lyrics have him longing for the past, before he developed this symptom of his anxiety. The more brutal and bleak “Ten of Swords” is inspired by the Rider-Waite tarot card of the same name, giving depression a death-metal sound.

As an artist, AFTERMYFALL has faced his own hardships and challenges to his mental health. He shares that “I have an extreme anxiety disorder along with PTSD and depression, and it makes life really difficult. Being afraid to take part in the world creates challenges when trying to pursue a career. Writing music has helped tremendously and keeps me hopeful for the future.” He hopes that listeners can “find solace in my music and know that they are not alone. Things do get better, you just have to keep fighting.”

Listen to The Sound of Static on your preferred listening platform, and follow AFTERMYFALL on Instagram.

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