An Interview With: chromonicci.

Dallas native chromonicci has had a busy 2021 already filled with new music. His retro-inspired new single “Magnetic” features him bringing his own sung vocals into the fold alongside his usual immaculate production. I spoke to him about expanding his musical repertoire as well as the monster year he’s having.

Your new track, “Magnetic” seamlessly balances the old and the new together. You have mentioned that this was a spur of the moment thing but have you always wanted to try and blend older and newer styles together?

Honestly, I think that I don’t really try to blend the two as much as it’s just me, authentically. I grew up on a lot of old school stuff, and also I’m constantly doing my best to be on the cutting edge of music!

What inspirations did you draw on for this retro/throwback vibe on the song?

Definitely tapped into some heavy Prince, Jane Child, and Chaka Khan, “Feel for You” vibes!

This year you pledged to utilise your vocals more in your music, and you certainly didn’t disappoint on “Magnetic”. How did it feel recording vocals knowing it would be your voice carrying the emotional weight of the song?

It felt AMAZING. I’ve always been both a singer and a producer, and for the first time the two worlds seemed to collide perfectly. It just feels right.

The lyrics too paint a picture of two lovers in the midst of a party atmosphere that we’ve been deprived of for so long because of COVID-19, is that sort of escapism central to what you wanted to create on the track?

Definitely love to add an escapism piece to my music! On this song in particular I wanted to teleport listeners back to a carefree dancefloor. So I guess subconsciously with all of the stress in the world I can say I was definitely looking to create a break from the madness!

What made you decide that now was the time to start incorporating more of your own vocals into your music?

I finally figured out how to mix my stuff cleanly together. I’ve actually been singing for a while now, but I’ve never felt satisfied with my mixes, so I think once I acquired that skill the time immediately felt right!

Growing up you used to sing quite a bit, are you always looking to your past for musical inspiration?

Just about as much as the future, tbh! I think the early singing laid the foundation for my mechanics and ear, but my motivation to push forward is almost 100% fueled by what I know I can bring to the musical universe!

You recently collaborated with Riot Games Music on some original tracks for League of Legends. What was it like to crossover between boundaries into the gaming space like that and what inspired the tracks?

That was a dream come true. I’m still processing all of the positive emotions of seeing it actually come OUT! The crossover felt so natural, and my main inspiration for the tracks came from the sheer excitement I felt when I was notified of the opportunity.

You’ve also announced a return to in person shows which is really exciting. After the last year and a half of lockdown etc how does it feel knowing you could be back playing in front of crowds soon?

I’m so excited! Anyone that has caught a nicci set knows how hard I go. It’s definitely my second home. Also there’s this bubbling joy from realizing I’ve got a YEAR’s worth of lockdown bangers to kill these crowds with. Y’all are not ready.

What music do you tend to listen to in your downtime and what are some releases this year that you have enjoyed?

In my downtime I spend a lot of time on soundcloud and listening to early Dilla. In terms of my favorite releases, I’ve really enjoyed Milye’s string of releases. Also really digging singles from Keeth, too! Some of my other favorites have been Hope Tala, “cherries” and “All My Girls Like to Fight”, as well as Lonr & H.E.R’s “Make the Most”. Liked em so much I covered them both, haha!

Following “Magnetic” can we expect to hear more from you as a vocalist and producer in the future?

I am coming with a ton of versatility, but it’s calculated! I’ve got a solid chunk of amazing music that I can’t wait to share with you all!

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