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Saint Audio Mixes #033: chromonicci

Fresh off the release of his new single “Just Push.”, chromonicci crafted a special guest mix for Saint Audio. We spoke to the Phuture Collective affiliated producer about experimenting with his sound and what it’s like to be religious in the music industry.

Tune in to chromonicci’s guest mix, and get familiar with the creator of the “niccibounce” sound.

Hey there! Thanks for chatting with us. First off, tell our readers a little bit about you and your sound.

Hey everyone, hope you’re all doing well! My name is Christian and I’m from Dallas, Texas. I’ve been making music now for about four and a half years, drawing inspiration from artists like Flying Lotus, Hudson Mohawke, and Dorian Concept. I’d say my sound is a colorful, bouncy warm blend of hip-hop and new age electronic music.

What was your inspiration for this mix?

With the growing importance of streaming I find that future beats artists like myself are moving away from instrumental music. It’s sad because this music is magical. With this mix I’m looking to revive that energy we’ve all drifted away from!

I read that your artist name comes from a childhood nickname—how’d you get the nickname “Chromonicci”?

Ahh yes, my crazy name!

Well… when I was a kid, we used to watch the Olympics as a family. The Olympics aired this flashback or something to honor this super dope gymnast, Nadia Comaneci (it’s pronounced co-ma-neechi). You know how words just kinda get stuck in your head? Well, I guess my mom heard that name and it was floating around in her head while she was cooking dinner. She was making spaghetti, and I loved spaghetti so much! She used to dress me up like a little chef, and she’d put on this goofy little Italian accent and suddenly I was her “Christiano Chromonicci”. Flash-forward: I was thinking about family nicknames that I loved, and this one really stuck, so I went with it!

You are open about being religious, which is wonderful, and something I haven’t seen often in the dance music scene. Do you feel like your faith impacts your work as a creator, and is it ever difficult to talk about being religious with others in the music industry?

Man, my faith guides my music. It’s always a blessing to look up and see so many people affected by the creations I’m able to share with the world. As for it being difficult to talk about being religious around my friends? Sometimes I feel a little awkward, but I know so many phenomenal and loving people, so it’s never too weird. For me, being a Christian in the dance music scene is just about shining my light, and brightening as many days as possible!

You’ve sang and rapped on some of your tracks before, and it has me wondering—does the creative process for writing lyrics stem from the same place as starting a production, or are they difference experiences for you?

They’re super different experiences for me, for sure. Songwriting for me doesn’t flow as naturally creatively. I think it’s just because I’m figuring out the science of creating the mixes I’d like with songs that include my vocals on them. As a result, sometimes I stress about the mix way earlier, and the idea loses its creative momentum.

What’s one piece of advice you’d give to yourself five years ago?

Five years ago I would tell myself to read up on the business of the music industry! I think that had I been more informed, I would have been able to streamline my path to where I am today.

Follow chromonicci on Spotify and SoundCloud.

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