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Saint Audio Mixes #041: Synova

Los Angeles-based producer Synova joins us with an eclectic mix that traverses pop punk and electronica. Tune in to Synova’s guest mix and get to know the rising young star in our conversation below.

Tell our readers a little bit about yourself.

Hey, I’m Jeremy AKA Synova. I’m a musician from Pittsburgh, PA but have been in Los Angeles since 2018. I’ve been producing for about 10 years, but have spent the last couple years focusing on songwriting and playing guitar. Music is my favorite thing in the entire world. Listening to it or making it is an experience that is unlike anything else for me! 

What are you trying to showcase in this mix?

Pre-COVID, my real intention for touring was to be live performing my songs. When all of our events went online, I really wanted to stand out as I didn’t quite have the setup to film a big live show inside of my house. I returned to doing DJ sets, but [began] mixing them in a style that took me a while to perfect. When I’m casually listening to music, I’m listening to a lot on indie rock, indie pop, and early 2000s music. My style became a big mix of Mashups and genres that push far out of edm. You can always expect to hear artists like Death Cab, Stars, Avril Lavigne, and a lot of other songs that I hope to introduce electronic fans to. One of my favorite artists to play right now is a band called Baby Boys. They’re a band that I haven’t really seen anyone else play in DJ sets, but i think they’re super fun to listen to. Things like that really break the whole “1-2-3-jump” structure that a lot of DJ set songs have. It presents a fun challenge for mixing and shows the audience something new (I hope). Lastly, playing music that my friends make is extremely important to me. In this set I played new songs from PURJ, bh, DossyX, Laces, Swansea Skag, Clickbate, and Orno. Many of them I met in Virtual Reality over the last year at Loner Online, my favorite VR venue to perform at. 

How do you approach the creative process?

The creative process for me is really just on a basis of when I feel inspired. I try to at least contribute something towards Synova every day, but I never force myself to create. When I do have something to make, it really can be a blur. In the moments that I know it’s right, time almost completely jumps. I sit down and then all the sudden, I’m at the end of my creation process with something very special. Each song is extremely personal to me and most of my situations are resolved by writing. Honestly though, I think most might call me a distracted person. Though not taking things super seriously is part of what makes my songs. If I try too hard, I lose interest. 

What should we expect from you this year?

This year I’m hyper-focused on my first album. I’m really excited to say that it’s almost done. (and that it took me a fraction of the time to make my first EP lol). I’d argue that it’s a huge jump in sound from A Digital Notebook, but if you liked that EP, you’ll definitely still enjoy this one. There’s still lots of cool production elements, but my aim went from creating drops to writing choruses. A lot of the process this time around started outside of the computer, which I’m really proud of. I don’t ever want to put down electronic music and the standards that it has held for years, but I personally feel a lot more accomplished when my feelings can be expressed with lyrics. It’s also cool being able to show up to any show without a laptop and being able to play my songs. Until the album drops though, I’ve got some cool remixes that I made and some remixes of my existing songs that some amazing artists have made. 

Where can we hear from you?

All of my stuff is available on! There’s links there to everything on every platform (as well as some cool merch and other fun stuff). All of my originals are on every major platform, but there’s always some remixes going up on SoundCloud and Audius.

Follow Synova on Twitter and Spotify.

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