Synova Directs Music Video for “Change:Reaction”


Synova is a renaissance artist: he writes and produces his own tracks, he plays guitar and piano (and probably a couple of more instruments), he is a photographer, creates all his own artwork, and last but not least he is also a videographer and director.  Synova displays his directing chops along his co-director Ryan Abdelnour with his music video for “Change:Reaction”, which perfectly compliments his lyrics with breathtaking and monumental landscapes across Los Angeles—mirroring our relationship with letting go of the past so that we can jump into the unknown. 

From the Palisades to the mountains in Topanga, we find Synova reflecting by the ocean to being perched on the peak of mountains. The wide shots invite the audience to take in the vastness around him, reminding us how small our fears can be compared to the life ahead of us, so why hold back? From the streets of Mid City to the emptiness of the LA River, Synova goes from contemplation to breaking into a run along the beaten paths. Seeing our main character leaping from scene to scene into the unknown gives an exhilarating rush, afterall nervousness and excitement are the same feeling.

A music video that feels more like a memory, “Change:Reaction” shows us the beauty in the unknown and the excitement in exploring uncharted territory. 

Follow Synova’s Journey and save his latest single on Spotify here. 

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