Essentials: “Worlds” – Heimanu

Upon hearing “Worlds”, Heimanu‘s track off the Sable Valley Summer Vol. 1 compilation, it was hard to adequately express my thoughts on the song. I kept focusing on that gnarly build and acid-tinged drop—but how could one possibly describe it to full effect?

“Worlds” is the teeth-gnashing… the head-thrashing… the keyboard-bashing… the chart-smashing…

Closing out the Sable Valley Summer Vol. 1 compilation, “Worlds” was a highly anticipated release—if you’re a fan of trap music, you’ve probably heard it in several livestream sets this year. Heimanu’s signature sounds stand out here—they’re deployed like missiles, firing with precision to create an explosive, unforgettable song. In “Worlds” the skittering lead synth enhances the walloping bassline, and the song’s ebb and flow builds tension to maintain intensity throughout its four minute runtime. “Worlds” is yet another standout track from Heimanu, and an excellent way to end Sable Valley‘s first-ever compilation album.

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