RL Grime and G Jones Represent A New Era of Entrepreneurship

One of electronic music’s most interesting innovators of the moment (G Jones) gets the remix treatment from an artist who’s quickly establishing himself as one of dance music’s power players (RL Grime), and as one might expect, the result is an ear-rattling, subwoofer-shaking trip to another dimension.

Now, I’m not going to elaborate more on how the song sounds—you have ears, and I trust you to use them if you so choose. Instead, I’m here to talk about the new wave of dance music’s creative entrepreneurship that’s budding, thanks in part to G Jones and RL Grime.

G Jones and RL Grime are both owners of their own labels—G Jones heads Illusory Records, while RL Grime debuted Sable Valley earlier this year. Both artists’ outputs are cohesive representations of their careers thus far, using their label as a part of their artistic whole. G Jones launched Illusory Records in January 2017 with the release of his Visions EP, and most recently utilized his platform to launch his critically-acclaimed debut album, The Ineffable Truth.

RL Grime’s Sable Valley made waves with a mysterious promo that established the unique, cult-like branding of the label: equal parts Heaven’s Gate recruitment video, Dharma Initiative training films, and secret surveillance camera recordings, Sable Valley generated immediate interest. As a label, Sable Valley’s releases are already dynamic enough to move the needle forward in dance music, and serve as a fitting extension of RL Grime’s own reputation as a tastemaker.

By co-releasing RL Grime’s edit of G Jones’ “In Your Head” on their respective labels, both artists are showcasing both an understanding and respect of one another as creatives and professionals. Their symbiotic relationship is represented across the board in this release, right down to the cover art—keeping in line with G Jones’ black-and-white color scheme, RL Grime infuses his label’s own stark, scientific text and imagery to the collaborative release.

This isn’t the first time two dance music labels have collaborated before, but the pairing of Illusory Records and Sable Valley is striking nonetheless. There seems to be a new era beginning in dance music, where more and more artists with large platforms see themselves as facilitators, rather than owners, of other producers’ work. RL Grime and G Jones seem to be putting this into practice through the uplifting of one another’s creative visions and the support of each other’s businesses. As label heads, they seem to understand the responsibility of nurturing other artists to the best of their ability, and providing them a platform on which to succeed—Sable Valley’s current releases have already amassed play counts in the millions, while Illusory Records’ visual artists are frequent G Jones tour collaborators for venues as large as Red Rocks.

By continuing to uplift other artists both big and small, G Jones and RL Grime are setting the example of how to generate revolutionary change and longevity in dance music. Entrepreneurship doesn’t have to mean total, crushing domination—by collaborating together, RL Grime and G Jones are showing us that there’s plenty of room for everyone’s ideas.

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