Essentials: “Adventures” – Mielo

Mielo is back with his newest track “Adventures.” It is an exciting song about being free and open to new adventures with a pal alongside you. A collaboration with Thrive Music, the track features vocals from Kyle Reynolds to add interest to the beat.

Coming off his earlier 2020 release “A Lesson in Waking Up,” Mielo is out in full force with tracks for 2020. But while “A Lesson in Waking Up” felt airy and light, “Adventures” feels much more grounded with steady beats that will keep you going all night. But where the track really stands out is with the introduction of the chorus at 0:56. This is where the track opens to an explosion of synth that really lift Reynolds’ vocals into focus.

Mielo describes the track as a reflection on youth: the time when all you have ahead of you are adventures and it’s those memories that matter. In a time when most of us remain cloistered in our houses, Mielo’s music reminds us there are still adventures ahead.

Stream “Adventures” and follow Mielo on Spotify.

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