Essentials: “A Lesson In Waking Up (feat. Mariya Stoeva)” – Mielo

Mielo has put out a series of tracks that have been grounded in a playful creativity, but also a strong relatability for listeners. The latter seems to have crystalized in his newest song, “A Lesson In Waking Up”. The track is the second collaboration between Mielo and vocalist Mariya Stoeva following 2019’s “Motion”. While “Motion” was blissfully experimental, “A Lesson in Waking Up” feels grounded and mature, like the work on someone who took the time to hone their experimental tendencies and turn it into something catchy yet still thought-provoking. 

“A Lesson In Waking Up” starts with Stoeva’s stunning vocals, which are given a much broader range than they were in the previous collaboration. At just about 20 seconds in, a rush of melodic synth floods the track, giving us a burst of that dreamlike sound we’ve come to associate with Mielo. Indeed the lyrics match this dream, space in a kind of early bridge. By the time we get to the chorus—“Never thought I’d be the type to give it all up / I guess I’ll take it as a lesson in waking up / Told myself it’s in my head, I’m making it up / Guess I’ll take it as a lesson in waking up”—it’s clear the track has that philosophical range that makes it stand out as more than just another EDM track. The track explores the notion of a youth realizing that the things they have done wrong are not as weighted as they may seem—that it’s just a lesson as common as waking up. 

Following the chorus, Mielo’s strong and stylizing synth comes into the foreground. These rhymes never overpower Stoeva’s voice nor vice versa. Instead, it’s like the two artists learned how to complement each other exquisitely. The result is something that doesn’t feel overworked or overedited; it just feels natural. Danceable and groovy, but also pensive and subtle, “A Lesson In Waking Up” is a wonderful new track for Mielo and a great addition to any EDM playlist. 

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