Essentials: “Home” – Slow Magic

After the success of Dreams, I didn’t quite know where Slow Magic could go. But like every strong and robust musician, he continues to produce new and exciting music, which is needed more than ever in these difficult times. His new album it’s the end of the world but it’s ok will be released in four parts over the course of the year—giving listeners something to look forward to! The first single off this album, “Home,” dropped on March 27th and it’s a wonderful musical escape. 

Everyone has their own idea of what home is to them, but I found myself quite comfortable in Slow Magic’s version of a home. Sonic and sultry, “Home” pulses with a beat that reminds us that things will be okay even if the world is ending, as noted in the lyrics—what perfect words for today. While the lyrics ground the track in an all-too-timely reality, the effervescent layered synth has this clear sense of hope and even joy. It is as mesmerizing and it is pulsing. Listening to this track, I am pulled in a world and I am reminded that indeed “the morning sun still rose.” 

In the iconically masked artist’s own words, he “wanted to remind people that even through the worst times, we can make it through.” And he’s achieved that through the musicality of this track that both has a real weight to it as well as the hope, which Is the heart of the work. 

We need reminders of hope in these times and that’s what “Home” is. So, if you need a pick-me-up, check out Slow Magic’s newest release today. 

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