Essentials: “Second Thoughts” – ALIGN

ALIGN drops his first single of 2020, a dreamy melody titled “Second Thoughts,” featuring Becca Krueger

“Second Thoughts” has an airy quality to it due to its high strung cord progressions, which open the track. But by twenty seconds in, this is joined by a steady rhythm and Krueger’s peppy voice. Once we’re within a minute of the track, the song is that explosion of sound that I have come to associate with ALIGN. Upbeat and snappy, “Second Thoughts” is a solid dance track if a bit ethereal. It’s a smooth integration of the synth ALIGN is known for in a more pop-oriented sound. 

ALIGN describes the track as something that was written to have an “uplifting vibe and atmosphere” and that certainly comes through. The track doesn’t feel weighted or heavy at all. In fact, I question if the narrator is really having ‘second thoughts’ about anything serious. Perhaps a better understanding would be something thinking of new or different possibilities. The track has a happy, otherworldly quality—a world we might like to join. 

Chicago native ALIGN works to create thought provoking music for your everyday listener—from your daily commute to your night out. His collaboration with Mielo, “All in Our Eyes,” reached number 1 on HypeMachine in 2018, while 2019 saw his debut EP Intertwine. His work is subtle but catchy for any ear, and it seems like he has some exciting projects coming down the pipe.

“Second Thoughts” is out now via Lowly Palace.

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