Best Albums of the 2010s: Sophia’s Picks

As the decade comes to a close, the Saint Audio team is sharing the top ten albums that defined the 2010s for them. This week, Sophia Latorre-Zengierski revisits her favorite albums from the 2010s.

10) Midnight Memories (2013) – One Direction
It’s easy to chalk 1D up to another charming, but useless boy band. But Midnight Memories showed that 1D has a talent for recognizing what was catchy, a far too underestimated skill.

9) Lights (2011) – Ellie Goulding
Ellie Goulding’s first album is thoughtful and charming. Unlike her later work, which has become more mainstream, Lights showcases not only Goulding’s mesmerizing voice, but her unique style. 

8) BADLANDS (2015) – Halsey
Dark and sultry, BADLANDS is an album that commands attention. I can’t get enough. 

7) Days Are Gone (2013) – HAIM
The California sister group HAIM captured our ears with their debut Days Are Gone. It’s an indie rock album that fills me with nostalgia.

6) Come Alive (2018) – PRXZM
PRXZM‘s debut album is delightfully idiosyncratic in the synth world. Light and airy, let their new voice carry you away. 

5) Golden Hour (2018) – Kacey Musgraves
Her album is pure country chic. Furthermore, it’s brought country to a broader audience and I’m grateful. 

4) 21 (2011) – Adele
Adele brought an elegance to the world with her remarkable voice. We might not have albums named after her age anymore, but this early album remains a testament to her skill. 

3) The Bones of What You Believe (2013) – CHVRCHES
Glaswegian band CHVRCHES created a new, infectious sound with The Bones of What You Believe and only have continued to get better with each subsequent album. But I have to say, this original album never gets old. 

2) Love + Fear (2019) – Marina
Marina‘s new album is mature and soaked in thoughtful questions about the human condition. This album is the definition of authenticity. 

1) Lioness: Hidden Treasures (2011) – Amy Winehouse
Complied posthumously with previously unreleased work, Lioness showcases the raw talent and genius of Amy Winehouse. If only we’d seen what else would have been next for her. 

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