EP Review: Come Alive – PRXZM

When I think of what good electro-pop does, it’s very simple: it’s music that transports me to another world. That’s exactly what happens when I plug into PRXZM’s new EP, Come Alive. A catchy collection of seven songs, including two singles, Come Alive is an ethereal blend of synth melodies perfect for chilling at home or dancing it out.

The opening track, “End of May,” eases a listener into the duo’s style, which is both of the genre and yet distinctly their own. Emma’s wispy voice perfectly accompanies Nick’s arrangement on syth. One can’t help but be whisked away to a different place, one where perhaps they are in fact a different version of themselves.

“Queen of Hearts” then moves unto an uplifting dance number. “Through the Night” brings the lightness of Emma’s vocals back to the forefront of the track with clever lyrics like “Magic doesn’t last through the night,” that explore the reality of letting go. “Tell Me Something New” maintains a strong beat throughout, creating an easy-to-listen-to sound.

The title track, “Come Alive,” has an eerie start, but quickly dives into a familiar synth sound that really is the heart of the album. “In the Morning” is a charming track, soft and relaxing. The final track, “Home to Me,” is sums up the album well, retaining that steady synth beat while also holding strong to this otherworldly quality Emma and Nick’s music possess.

PRXZM’s Come Alive is aptly named because it does exactly that. It forces the listener to come alive, taking them on a journey through a world outside of themselves. The combination of sounds seem to capture a wealth of human experience well beyond Nick and Emma’s years. So whether you’re on the dance floor or relaxing at home, give Come Alive a listen. You won’t be disappointed.

Come Alive is available to buy or stream now.

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