Essentials: “Time Voyage” – Just A Gent

Get ready for “Time Voyage,” the first single off Just A Gent’s upcoming EP. Featuring singer/songwriter and producer Hauskey, “Time Voyage” is a popping musically-diverse track sure to get into your head.

Jiving electronic beats set the tone for what feels like a future space journey in line with the album art. In fact, the track was inspired in part by Futurama which led Just A Gent to consider our relationship with time. Hauskey lends a fresh and modern vocal with clear lyrics that take on these questions concerning what might happen in time and how much time we may have left. Skillfully mixed, the song features subtle incorporations of both string and piano, which although most prevalent at the end, produce this pensive quality without losing the modernity by which the track thrives.

Described as “Australia’s classiest talent,” Just A Gent is one to watch. “Time Voyage” is available on Monstercat now—be sure to check it out!

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