Essentials: “Motion” – Mielo

“Motion” is the latest release from Chicago artist, Mielo. Kicked off by a chance DM on Instagram, the track is a collaboration with a fellow Chicagoan, Mariya Stoeva. Stoeva had never previously sung on a record, but impressed by her vocals, Mielo began work with Stoeva and “Motion” came into being.

Strong beats and a constant whirring rhythm set the track in motion from the very beginning. In fact, the layering of piano that comes in makes it clear that we, as listeners, are indeed going on a journey. Even the regular repeating chorus of “we’re in motion” create a cyclical feel, reminding us of regular travel, even if our destination is uncertain. In this way, the track is thoughtful and encourages us to “take steps to where we need to be.”

Stylistically, “Motion” is a bit of a change for Mielo, moving away from dance music and more towards indie pop. Having said that, the dance music influence is still evident in the track and plays an important role in this soundscape. If a style shift is indeed in store, “Motion” is not one to miss.

Mielo’s debut EP “Anywhere But Here” released earlier this year and his reimagining of Crywolf’s “DRIP” came out earlier this summer.

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