Gig Review: G Jones at Concord Music Hall

Since the 2018 release of his debut LP The Ineffable Truth, endless praise has been piled upon producer G. Jones. It’s the kind of fawning that makes one wonder if an artist can truly live up to the hype—something a skeptic like me was curious about as I prepared to check out his Chicago tour stop. However, after attending G. Jones’s show, I can wholeheartedly say the admiration is more than warranted.

To witness G. Jones’s performance is to watch a master at work. The show was, in a word, immersive. During his show, G. Jones deftly triggered his visuals to align with the music, rather than relying on a separate video DJ or pre-recorded set to fully execute this cohesive A/V show.

World-building is a huge part of G. Jones’s music, which is further supplemented by the unique set of visuals created for The Ineffable Truth tour. Watching the show, I felt references to directors like Stanley Kubrick and David Lynch, with dashes of everything from The Twilight Zone‘s opening credits, Y2K-era Internet browsing, and psytrance-inspired visions.

Hearing The Ineffable Truth played live gave the album even more depth. There is an intangible genius about G. Jones’s music that’s only amplified through his live performance. As his music filled every inch of Concord Music Hall, the energy it created felt boundless, yet introspective—a difficult balance to strike.

If you have the chance to see G. Jones perform, don’t miss it. Not only is his show a masterpiece, he’s an artist giving back to his fans—find out how in our most recent episode of the Saint Audio podcast.

Grab tickets to see G. Jones live, and follow him on Spotify.

Photos: Tyler Hill

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