Essentials: “Reprisal” – Madi

Fresh off the buzz of Moving Castle-signee SAKIMA landing on R3HAB‘s recent album, the music collective is back with a strong debut from newcomer Madi.  Based in Los Angeles, the young songstress and producer garnered recognition in the EDM scene by collaborations with Slushii, Excision, KSHMR, and R3HAB. Inspired by Banks, Jai Paul, and Sevdaliza, Madi’s multifaceted expertise warrants her desire to bridge the gap between electronica and dark pop. Her latest single “Reprisal” may very well be a prime example of the fusion between these two genres. Comparative to Lido‘s stylized production, the instrumentation features a bombastic kick, claps as a snare, and haunting nuances that add to the overall ambiance. Since the production is the prominent feature, Madi’s lush vocals are highlighted with her vulnerability and raw emotion. Once the song reaches the drop, vocal samples laced underneath kicks the energy level into overdrive and provide the listener with an aural experience resulting in head-nodding. Madi’s keen ear for production and her vocal prowess may be the reason for her career to bloom into a mainstay in the EDM world. Be sure to check to Madi on Soundcloud and her latest track below:

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