Essentials: “Lovesick” – BANKS

Continuing right where she left off from her dark, intricate alt-R&B heavy Goddess, certified modern siren and “bad motherfucker“, Banks emanates self-confidence and female empowerment on The Altar through a mix of vulnerability and unapologetically being a strong, self-reliant woman. Both albums share similar themes, but many new thoughts and feelings were expressed, explaining that she wanted “open up more and confront myself even more“.

Lovesick” reveals a lighthearted side that fans don’t usually hear and should cherish. Much like “Fuck Em Only We Know” off of Goddess, the track is probably the closest thing to a happy love song fans will hear from Banks. In a song-by song breakdown, she describes the song simply as “Lust. It’s lust, but gentle, like in a puppy-love way”. “Lovesick” shies away from somber and cryptic and divulges more straightfoward and playful lyrics that every guy in the infamous “friend zone” would love to hear. Personally, the song brings out the teenage girl in me who sings YouTube covers with my laptop webcam strategically placed by the desk lamp and guitar tabs in-hand…

…but then again that could just be me.

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