S’natra Hits All The Right Notes in “Off Key”

Before they embark on their multi-city tour together later this month, Brasstracks and S’natra teamed up for a super-slick single, “Off Key”. Harlem-born rapper S’natra is a frequent collaborator of Ivan Jackson, one-half of the Grammy winning NYC production duo, and that easy rapport between the artists is palpable within the track. S’natra’s mastered the balance between free-flowing thoughtfulness and emphatic lyricism in his verses, a striking pairing that’s further punctuated byJackson’s knack for weighted nuance in his hip hop productions. “Off Key” is a great way to drum up even more excitement for the joint tours between S’natra and Brasstracks—the respective artists’ “Subject To Change” and “For Those Who Know” shows kick off March 16th in NYC with a sold-out hometown celebration at Bowery Ballroom.

You can find upcoming tour dates for S’natra and Brasstracks here, and stream “Off Key” below.

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