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Rave Weapons: Volume #004

Very groove, many bounce, such icekream. Wow.

Volume #004

1. “Sientelo” – icekream

For more than four years, icekream has been one of those open-minded SoundCloud-musicians (and I do mean that as a very positive occupation) who could be banked on to deliver some solid groove consistently. Sientelo is an example of his most chilled-out work along the lines of which the previously released “Trance (Atlantic) [feat. 160046]” and his remix of starfoxlaflare’s “Hot Spicy Chicken Ramen” are built. Perfect for sexy hours.

95 bpm, E-Minor [9a in Camelot]

2. “CTRL” – SoundSnobz

The icekream and Troyboi collaboration SoundSnobz has been an ongoing on-and-off-liaison for some time, as there’s still no album released despite many hints and fans waiting for it. Nevertheless, the duo has released several songs that are all guaranteed to make everyone in the vicinity jump. One of which is “CTRL,” which was released in 2016. Perfect for the club. Other favourites along those lines include “TUT” as well as the previously featured “Hear Dat”.

120 bpm, E-Minor [9a in Camelot]

Super secret special bonus: A folder full of now deleted music from icekream (including my all-time-favourite Spice Girls remix) can be accessed (legally) here.

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