Essentials: “Planetary Space Child” – Ruby The Hatchet

Ruby The Hatchet’s “Planetary Space Child,” the title track off their third album (due August 25th, from Tee Pee Records), finds the band taking their sludgy, psychedelic metal into the cosmos. The band’s sound is firmly rooted in 70s hard rock with a heavy doom vibe that often centers on occult themes, all heightened by Jillian Taylor’s powerfully theatrical vocals. This is no exception, as they gel more with each album, seeming to become a band that exists out of time altogether. Like most of their songs, “Planetary Space Child” pulses with a hypnotic beat that demands headbanging and maybe a lava lamp in which to see visions.  Guitarist Johnny Scarps leads with a thick, understated riff, doubling Taylor’s vocals for the chorus. Drummer Owen Starks and bassist Mike Parise lay down a respectable foundation as Sean Herr  provides mood enhancing atmosphere on the keyboards, for a vibe that’s straight out of a Vincent Price movie. The rising guitar lines of the chorus evoke a sci-fi, Phantom of the Opera-esque soundscape that is matched by Taylor’s delivery—this is space opera that is heavy on the opera. While this is the single version, at one point, Scarps cuts loose and unleashes his fury for a scorching jam which I can only imagine goes on for light years on the album version and will no doubt transport us all to some other galaxy.

Image not owned by Saint Audio.

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