Essentials: “Rewind (ft. Ashe & Armani White)” – Louis Futon

After a slew of remixes for the likes of Kendrick Lamar and Notorious B.I.G., Louis Futon is back with a breakout gem tailored to hit the airwaves. Formerly known as a duo, Louis Futon garnered support from the electronic music community for their unique production. Heralded as a pioneer of the future bass movement, the no solo Philadelphia-based producer strays from the norm and provides a taste of effulgent pop in the midst of diluted electronic sounds. Comparative to Brasstracks and the Social Experiment, “Rewind” has vibrant jazz-pop vibes that incorporates trumpet, piano, electric guitar, and percussive instruments such as bongo drums. The smooth vocals by Ashe gives a lively element that perfectly complements the production. Lyrically, the song itself is direct in telling the listener to use “Rewind” to forget about a stressful situation and focus on the future. Armani White‘s verse has a personal perspective on the subject with his introspective optimism for his career and society. After Armani’s jam-packed verse, Louis Futon sprinkles in a half-time breakdown beat to add more flavor in an exuberant track. Personally, the track’s standout is the radiance exuding from Ashe’s voice as she gracefully puts her soul and passion into “Rewind”. Be sure to check out Louis Futon on tour soon and his latest effort below:

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