Essentials: “Angels” (feat. Saba) – Chance The Rapper

Chance The Rapper just debuted his new song with Saba, produced by Lido, Peter Cottontale, and The Social Experiment, called “Angels,” on The Late Show With Steven Colbert.

Not only that, but it’s a footwork-inspired beat (what up Chitown). Not only that but Chance put it up 20 minutes ago (12:30am EST on a Monday) and it’s got 28.5k plays. Not only that, but it’s a free iTunes AND Soundcloud .wav download, with no gate. Not only that, but it slaps and the emotive shout outs and realities spoken about Chicago will be stuck in your head immediately. Equal parts musically sublime and a turn-up jam, this is the best track that didn’t come out this summer – straight up.

Grab the freebie downloads while they’re up – no clue if they’re temporary or not, but better not leave this free Chance to chance.


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