After an announcement of a North American tour and releasing SATURATION less than two months ago, “all American boyband” BROCKHAMPTON is the taking the reins of this summer with their latest single in music video form. Based in Texas, Kevin Abstract founded a collection of artists that express themselves in a specific medium such as film, production, music, and design. Although an eclectic group, their artistic vision is realized by assigning roles for each member of the collective. Recently, their efforts were highlighted in the VICELAND series “AMERICAN BOYBAND” that gives insight on their tour and fanbase interaction. Similar to music videos that premiered on this platform and their previous single “LAMB”, BROCKHAMPTON is back with a Kevin Abstract-directed single in “GUMMY” that showcases their multifaceted abilities. For example, the director emphasized a bank robber speaking Spanish to set the tone in later scenes. After uttering these words, the lighthearted nature of a robbery was captured with nostalgic camera work and a vibrant string background. Reminiscent of Odd Future‘s brash randomness and pungent sounds, BROCKHAMPTON elevates the foundation set by their predecessor and reinvigorates the hip hop world with a shot of adrenaline.  The harrowing synths, low-end bassline, and simplistic beat is reflective of the rap collective’s identity and their unique approach to hip hop. Compared to the rest of the track, Kevin Abstract took a step in the opposite direction with a self-deprecating soliloquy in the initial verse. Ameer Vann, Dom McLennon, and Matt Champion each provide commentary that represents braggadocious hip hop in relation to crime and wealth. The music video itself seems to have a satirical connotation as each location shot was shown in succession. Some outlandish footage such as sumo wrestling suits, a llama, and people with animal heads ties into the theme revisited from the intro. “GUMMY” ends with a distorted, yet repetitive outro that complements shaky camera angles on BROCKHAMPTON members in a car. Be sure to check out their sophomore album SATURATION II slated for release and the music video below:

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