Essentials: “Anywhere You Want To Go” – Marvel Years

The latest track produced by Marvel Years, “Anywhere You Want To Go,” hits hard with a guitar heavy intro and keeps it nice and funky with a 60s keyboard beat. The melody transitions as the track progresses, visiting different genres such as rock, soul and retro-funk. The vocals bring a hip hop essence, proving that this track has a little something for everyone.

When I first heard this track, I immediately thought of GriZ and that funky bass vibe, but whereas GriZ brings in a saxophone, Marvel Years brings in that jazzy feel with his own guitar skills. In my opinion, both artists always drop straight bangers. This track has definitely proved that Marvel Years is not only a talented producer, but a skillful guitarist as well.


Catch Marvel Years at The Gorge with Pretty Lights and Atmosphere on August 4th. He will also be hitting the road with Russ Liquid Test this fall.

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