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Pinegrove’s Elsewhere Album Gives Back 

New Jersey indie-folk group, Pinegrove, recently released a pay-what-you want album to Bandcamp. All proceeds from downloads and cassette sales go towards the Southern Poverty Law Center, which is a legal defense organization focusing on civil rights advocacy. Elsewhere is a collection of eight live recordings that were taped on tour this past November. It was released in the wake of the inauguration as a way to give back to the causes they believe in and promote love and equality.

Listen to Elsewhere here:

The recordings convey the band’s passionate live performance and add a variety of refreshing changes to their studio versions. This is the band’s third fundraising effort through Bandcamp, and they have already donated over $21,000 to a variety of social causes.

Check out Pinegrove’s upcoming UK tour dates to see their electric live show yourself.

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