Fabric London to Re-Open

After the club had its license revoked in September, Fabric London is to re-open after the club agreed to comprehensive new operating procedures with Islington Council.

Last week, lawyers made a private deal with the council, before the club was due to appeal to the Highbury Corner Magistrates next week. After rubber stamping the decision, Judge McPhee told the court: “The parties have persuaded me that they worked together to create workable conditions to prevent drug use and supply within the premises.”

Under the new agreement, Fabric will a operate strict door policy with anyone under the age of 19 barred from the club and anyone found in possession of drugs or attempting to deal drugs finding themselves with a lifetime ban. The re-appraisal of the clubs procedures also led to a new 155-page operating manual.

The manual features; a designated “premises supervisor”; a new welfare team trained by Loop to spot signs of clubbers’ vulnerability; all 250 staff to receive drug awareness training; ID scanners at entry to premises; and U19s not permitted entry.

In a joint statement with Islington Council, Fabric said:

“Fabric accepts that its procedures in relation to searching were insufficient, as were its procedures to prevent the consumption and dealing of drugs within the club itself. Fabric accepts that the police acted reasonably in making the application for a review and that the authority’s sub-committee was fully entitled to revoke its licence. Fabric repudiates the online abuse aimed at committee members and council staff and will permanently exclude anyone who has been found to be involved.”

Superintendent Nick Davies from Islington police added a further comment:

“I know Fabric is a venue that holds a great deal of affection in people’s hearts. We had no choice but to take action to safeguard clubbers and now Fabric has agreed to considerable changes I hope the venue can continue to operate for many years to come within the boundaries of the new licensing conditions.”

Radio 1 DJ, MistaJam also reacted to the news:

“When no one else was booking grime in the whole of the country, it was being booked at Fabric. I am just really looking forward to hearing what the next wave of music is going to be championed there. This is a very good day for music.”

A petition to save the club attracted more than 150,000 signatures and raised over £300,000 towards the legal costs of the club’s lawful battle. It is thought that any money left over will be channelled into initiatives to change London’s licensing laws.

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