Essentials: “Dog Years” – Maggie Rogers

First impressions are absolutely crucial in the music industry. An artist’s debut track not only defines their brand and aesthetic, it can make or break their chances at success. Earlier this year at an NYU masterclass hosted by Pharrell WilliamsMaggie Rogers had the chance to make a big first impression. The timid 21-year old played a rough recording of her song, “Alaska“, in hopes of receiving a critique. Instead, Pharrell was left speechless and awestruck by her eclectic blend of sounds. Video footage of his reaction went viral, and so did Maggie’s song.

After gathering more than 18 million listens on Spotify and countless YouTube hits, the folk singer-songwriter has shared a follow-up to “Alaska”. In her second release, Maggie has refined her fusion of folk and dance music with a new sense of depth and maturity. The resulting track is an emotive and reassuring love song that boasts a powerful mixture of natural sounds and pulsating instrumentals.

Listen to “Dog Years” below, and follow Maggie on Spotify.

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