Essentials: Alaska – Maggie Rogers

Up-and-comer, Maggie Rogers, who left Pharrell visibly lost in a wave mixed emotions and stumbling for words to critique her music during the IAMOTHER masterclass at New York University has finally mastered the song many have been patiently watching for. The now viral video, sitting close to 1.8 million views on Youtube, has charmed a sizeable audience and those fans finally can get their fix with the official release of “Alaska“. However, how her music came about to where it is today, was anything but overnight.

Having grown up with a banjo in hand in rural Maryland, Rogers credits making folk music for most of her life to four strings and her surroundings. After a hiatus from music when Rogers struggled to create and write music after her freshman year of college she then traveled abroad to France and connected to her virtual genre-counterpart, dance music. The last piece to her musical rejuvenation took place in Alaska where she shook off her writer’s block. The experience, along with her folk background heavily motivated her organic, nature-based pop style of sound. The unique blend of the two has met her with flowering success that will hopefully continue to blossom in the near feature.

As for now, Rogers–and company befriended in Alaska–will be currently returning to “The Last Frontier” once again to backpack through the diverse terrain for one month. Though Pharrell exclaimed that her sound was one-of-a-kind and “singular”, listeners have compared her to the likes of Lorde, Sylvan Esso, and Purity Ring. Whenever Rogers is ready to create more music, maybe she can transcend the comparisons through a larger lens. (Just don’t be too long.)

[h/t: Pigeons and Planes]

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