An Interview With: Party Thieves

New York based Party Thieves chats about the evolving nature of trap music, and how inspiration comes from the most unexpected places.

We chatted with New York native Party Thieves post-Safe in Sound Chicago stop to get the scoop on working with Flosstradamus, and the evolving nature of trap music.

Hey! How’s it going on the Safe in Sound Tour?

Safe In Sound Chicago was a one of my most memorable shows not only because it was the first time coming back to Chicago since New Years, but it was also my birthday. The energy of Chicago was absolutely crazy.


Your EP was the debut release on Flosstradamus’s label, Hi Def Youth. How do you think your sound represents the label, and modern trap music in general?

It was an amazing opportunity to release on Hi Def Youth, both Curt & Josh have been somewhat of mentors to me. I think my EP presented a collection of music that really identified with what I was going through at the moment. The tracks released mixed a range of theatrical and live sounds and recordings, all the way from my voice to me recording a track on live piano that was dedicated to my nephew Jon that passed away shortly before I finished the EP.

What’s the craziest place you’ve ever written – or had an idea for – a song? How’d it come about?

Music is literally my life. Music is all around me, from dogs barking at the park to the sounds I hear walking down the streets of New York. I literally have recorded melodies to my phone that pop in my head, they sound pretty stupid because it’s just my mouth beatboxing. Sometimes I’ll be with my girlfriend and will start humming an idea at dinner and she just gets confused because she probably thinks I’m a little kid half the time!

Where do you see trap music evolving? Where would you like to evolve in your own
creativity as an musician?

Trap music is and will always be evolving. I recently took about two months off of touring to really find my sound and new inspiration. During this time I created what has been the best music I’ve ever made. It’s actually gotten to the point where I create a collection of about six new tracks that we can’t decide to either do another EP or release all the tracks as singles. With these new tracks we really hope to create a full artistic experience from audio to visual to physical. The game plan is still being prepped, but let’s just say I’m excited for people to hear what I’m hoping is a new direction for me and trap sound as a whole.

Do you have any advice for producers jumping into the electronic industry now?

There’s too much advice to tell upcoming producers that can’t be summed up in text to be honest, but I will say the best advice I’ve given myself is to be patient. Patience with your sound, with your releases, everything revolves around patience and planning. Work smarter and harder.

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Photos: Mr. 650


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