ESSENTIALS: “Full Throttle” – Amp Live + Plivva

Kairos Audio is the home for a wide variety of catchy, weird bass music – and to be completely honest, not all of it is my bag. On first listen of “Full Throttle” it’s a seeming simplistic tune, but there’s something wonderfully primed for DJs and danceability about that simplicity.

Amp Live and Plivva deliver a track that might not be much more than a DJ tool, but it really doesn’t need to be – it’s damn catchy. It probably isn’t the one for folks outside the electronic crowd, but this seeming rebirth of a following for 90s hardcore rave music as chopped and screwed trap music might just welcome this oddball gem with open arms. Stream above, grab via Beatport if you feel frisky, and follow AmpLive on Soundcloud.


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