Essentials: “Ice Face” – Iglooghost and Mr Yote 

Londoner Iglooghost has been smashing out top quality production in the past few months.

Having recently signed to Flying LotusBrainfeeder outfit, the 18-year-old released his first EP on the label, Chinese Nü Yr, on 30th October 2015. His conceptual and experimental prowess turning heads in the subsequent weeks.

This follows on from his concept-rap album with MC Mr Yote, entitled Milk Empirereleased in June through Slugabed’s label, Activia Benz. Always one for working outside the box, Milk Empire was released in giant pink balloons, each containing a download code.

Fast forward to now and it only makes sense that Iglooghost and Mr Yote collab again for a Christmas song.

“Ice Face” is the Christmas offering we’ve all been waiting for, and it comes with a flow that will freeze yo brain.

Of course the concept behind the song is as dope as the track itself as Iglooghost explains: “ME & MY YUNG BASTARD Mr.Yote MADE A SONG 4 DA WINTER ABOUT ROLLING A GIANT BALL OF ICE DOWN A HILL 2 CRUSH A VILLAGE.

At 1 minute 50 seconds, the track is short and sweet but it’s definitely one for the playlist. The sample of little kids confronting their mum about Christmas presents – “Why you trick us?!” – is expertly used to bookend the track. Mr Yote might not say much, but what he does spit moves somewhere between Run the Jewels and Big Boi with impressive precision.

Iglooghost and Mr Yote are something special, they bring a new flavour to hip-hop that’s both addictive and intriguing, so watch this space because these two will be blowing up in three… two… one.

Merry Christmas. Get involved with Iglooghost and Mr Yote on Soundcloud.


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