ESSENTIALS: “S@y My Name” (Flip of Destiny’s Child) – VenessaMichaels

VenessaMichaels hails from Encitas, California and has been doing music longer than you have, most likely. Learning piano at age 3 and taking to DJing with vinyl at 17, she’s since branched into producing and is effortlessly turning out jersey club-tinged heaters with the likes of Trippy Turtle and Cashmere Cat and any of the other ultra-cool internet set.

Launching her #2090 series with “S@y My Name,” the flip of the classic Destiny’s Child jam perfectly embodies the thesis of the project: a “culmination of everything 90’s and 2000’s joined together in music, art, and culture.” The track retains the bounce of the original, while adding progressing elements of additional production that push aside notions of jersey club being necessarily repetitive or formulaic. “S@y My Name” is equally listenable from start to finish as it is an essential for any self-respecting club DJ’s digital collection. If the rest of #2090 is anything like this, it’ll be the most exciting jersey club “thing” since #FOFOFADI.

You can grab the tune for free from Hive and get in touch with VenessaMichaels on Facebook, Twitter, and Soundcloud.

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