ESSENTIALS: “Sneak” (feat. Pell, Michael Christmas, Wonda, and Maarlon) — Casper & B.

If you’re not already up on Los Angeles beatsmiths Casper & B., today is going to be a great day for you.

Up and coming producers for a host of acts including Kiiara, Skizzy Mars, f(x), and 2am Club, “Sneak” is the first track of Casper & B. where their work sits front and center: a euphoric, Diplomats-era Just Blaze-reminiscent production that is soulful, hype, and something entirely new at the same time. The track is the perfect vehicle for a monster posse cut from Pell, Michael Christmas, Wonda, and Maarlon — each of whom spit catchy verses, but Maarlon steals the show on a tip that sounds like he might be a superstar someday soon.

For a track with little more than 5,000 plays at time of press, this sure sounds like a hit. We’re going to be thirsting for further release details… but if this is a harbinger of what Casper & B. have up their sleeves for 2016, consider us tuned in. Link with them on Twitter, Soundcloud, and Instagram.

Banner image source via Casper & B. Twitter.

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