ICYMI: DJ Khaled Gave A Fascinating and Hilarious Interview on Hot 97

Ebro In The Morning consistently provides some of the most entertaining content from the hip hop world and has for years — but their interview yesterday with Miami-based legend DJ Khaled might just be one of the most quotable and amazingly engrossing segments they’ve ever done.

What starts off as an interview where it seems like Khaled is going to be shouting one-liners for 43 minutes turns into a worthwhile examination of his outlook on the music industry, as well as a detailed peek into his psyche and an obsession with success that borders on compulsion. It’s rare that someone so outlandish, so openly a caricature of the hip-hop lifestyle, can also drop wisdom without breaking that character for a moment. Starting as a merely entertaining rant-filled chat, the discussion turns into an eye-opening, actually educational interview that is still laced with enough Khaled-isms to last you until spring next year.

There’s a few highlights we’ll draw your attention to — discussing his “accreate” headphones at 13:55, “y’all gon catch me on these memes and shit,” along with a detailed discussion of his quotables at 16:20, a several minute-long rant about FADER at 23:00, and an amazing breakdown of his varied skills at 34:46 — but you should kick your weekend off by popping this on and letting Khaled do the ranting. If you’re paying any attention, you’ll learn a surprising lot and laugh your ass off doing so.

DJ Khaled’s new album, I CHANGED A LOT, is out today on WE THE BEST and a PressPlay review will follow this week.

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