ESSENTIALS: “Sorry” – Justin Bieber (Prod. Skrillex)

Let’s get one thing straight: “Sorry” is a moombahton track. You can put whatever stupid moombah-whatever related label on it like moombahsoul or moombahcore, but it all stems from moombahton, the 108-tempo dance music inspired by reggaeton. This is that and it is intentionally that and I’ve been telling people since 2010 that this style of music might fad-out, but sure as shit wasn’t going anywhere. Thanks for letting me get that off my chest.

Skrillex knows this too, as does Justin Bieber, whose image was wholly revitalized after the dance-flavored successes of “Where Are Ü Now” and “What Do U Mean.” Both tracks proved you can take any reasonable message, and if you make it sound sexy or fun, it essentially is taken as sexy or fun. No lie, while Bieber’s voice does sound amazing on a lush and smooth Skrillex production, it’s lyrically the same as everything he’s put out in the last year, just more succinct: “Sorry.” Maybe it was hard to say in the first place, or something. It’s also funny to me that he says “sorry” like an American (sah-rry) instead of his native Canadian accent (soh-rry), an apologetic idiom we love to give Canadians flack for saying gratuitously in the first place.

It’s a pop song and it’s catchy, easy to like, it’ll be everywhere — we get it. But maybe, just maybe, Justin can try and bring happy vibes to the full length album in November. Just a track or two. I’m buying into the gradual rebranding of JBiebz (a statement I thought I’d never actually say), but let’s check the sadboy image, or at least the lyrical redundancy, at the door.

The dance video is also kinda cute and fun to watch, I guess. Bieber’s full album, Purpose, releases 13th November on UMG.

Image: Justin Bieber Facebook


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