Robokid Leaks Nine Tracks For Free

It’s not every day you get a batch of originals, remixes, edits, and everything in between that’s quite this fresh — but then again, most producers aren’t Robokid. Breaking off nine of the tracks that didn’t quite fit into a busy release schedule this year, the Moving Castle affiliate affirms that he can run shit in his sleep.

The stand out track is “Squish,” which premieres today on NestHQ, but each of the productions stand on their own legs quite nicely. The remix of “Diamonds For Breakfast,” along with flips of Drake’s “Preach” and Carly Rae-Jepsen’s “I Really Like You,” called (“Want Me,”) also are highlights and must-haves for the future-facing electronic music fan.

Most stunningly, the tracks are yours for absolutely free, via ToneDen. Peep the 50 MB download here and stream away on Soundcloud.

Image: Robokid Facebook

h/t: NHQ


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