Pioneer Announces Affordable, CD-less XDJ-700

Pioneer has launched a pro-sumer model of its popular XDJ-1000, dubbed the XDJ-700.

Slated to hit retailers worldwide by Christmas, the machine condenses the best features of the disc-free XDJ-1000 into more consumer-friendly trappings — complete with a full color touch-screen, jog-wheel, and the ability to play files from computer, flash drive, or smartphone. The XDJ-700 will also be fully compatible with Rekordbox (including HID control) and will retail for €699/$699. This is just the latest in Pioneer’s/the entire world’s recent moves away from compact discs as a useable media.

Check out the introduction video from Pioneer below and stay tuned to PressPlay for more cool gear hitting stores in time for the holidays.

h/t: FACT Mag


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