An Interview With: Sebo K

Sebo K is a crucial figure in Berlin nightlife. He entered the scene at a very early age and was there from the beginning. A resident DJ since the opening of the legendaryWatergate, he uniquely mixes house records to create an unbeatable groove on the dance floor. As one of the most important artists at Mobilee Records, Sebo K delivers tracks that drive electronic music further. PressPlay caught up with the artist to speak about his relationship with Mobilee, Berlin nightlife and his idea of the perfect weekend.

See Sebo K at Sunscape Festival in Malta, 5th-8th of September. For more information visit




What made you start DJing and how did you keep up the interest in the craft for so long?

I started DJing as a teenager. Even as a child I had a big interest in music and when I got to a certain age, I started to go out and I saw the DJ playing music in the club and I immediately knew that I also wanted to do this!

You usually have quite a few projects going on in addition to DJing and production. You finished university a few years ago, and were working on a book at some point. Is there anything else going on right now?

Actually, right now I’m focusing more on my music. There are some collaborations with other artists coming in the future.

How did your strong relationship with Mobilee Records start and why do you think it has lasted for so long?

It started with a friendship and it still is. That’s probably the reason why we still work together. Anja Schneider, the label owner and myself have been friends for a long time. I got involved with the label since its creation, 10 years ago.

You were at the forefront of Berlin nightlife since it started to shape up. At the moment clubbing in Berlin is gaining popularity with a lot of ‘rave tourists’ arriving only on the weekends to party. At the same time some of the most important institutions such asCookies and Katerholzig have had to close their doors or move. Where do you think Berlin clubbing is at now and is it going to change significantly in the future?

The big change has already happened. it’s exactly like you said- we have a lot of tourists that only come to party for one weekend. that’s why we have so many clubs in Berlin and most of them are busy. I remember 10 years ago we had way less clubs and sometimes you had a huge lineup but the club was still empty. Of course some places have had to close but at the same time a lot of new ones are opening.

You have been a resident of Watergate since its opening and you must have experienced a lot within its walls. What would you say is your most vivid memory?

There are so many magic moments that I have had in this place. I’ve ran my own night calledScenario for some time and these parties are always very special for me because I can invite and listen to my favourite artists.

Sebo K‘s Scenario is going international with gigs being scheduled outside of Berlin. What is the concept behind the event and how do you choose artists who play at it?

I started the Scenario parties at Watergate and since December last year I started to do these parties in other cities around the world. The concept is the same as at Watergate. I invite at least one artist that I’m a big fan of.

What is the best and worst DJ gig you’ve had?

I can’t say any specific names of parties or clubs here. But for me a good gig comes from a good soundsystem and friendly people who are into the music.

As an established DJ pretty much every weekend for you is a gig somewhere in the world. But if you could choose what would the ideal weekend look like for you?

I’m very happy that I can live my dream to make my living from music and that I can travel a lot and see the world. but the more you travel at the weekends the more you appreciate having a weekend off at home and spending time with friends.

If you were to organize a festival what type of festival would it be? Something massive likeBurning Man or Kazantip, or something more intimate like Nachtdigital? What would be the mentality of festival and its values and who would you like to be the headliners?

I like both. Small festivals are more cozy and relaxed but at a big festival you have the chance to see many artists in a short space of time. I also like it when you also have artists of other music genres and not only electronic music. I probably won’t ever organize a festival. I believe there are others who can do this better than me, but the line ups of my Scenario parties give you a picture of who would be my headliners.

What is your favorite track of this summer?

There is a lot of great music at the moment but one track I play at almost every peak time during my sets is Floorplan’s “Never grow old”.

Words: Nazira Kassenova

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